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Engineering capability is a core skill that distinguishes Halgo Power from the competition in the field of boiler system design. Our mission is to offer the full spectrum of engineering disciplines that may be required, including but not limited to the fields of Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical engineering. Each project begins with detailed scrutiny by Halgo Power engineers during the budgetary phase and receives the same level of attention during the project and through completion. With our in-house capabilities, the Halgo Power engineering team generates Process Flow Diagrams, Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams, General Arrangement Drawings, Plan View Drawings, and full Three-Dimensional CAD Files for every project. We find that this level of detail reduces cycle time with the customer and makes communication about projects more efficient. The mission of Halgo Power is to be a one-stop shop for our customers, offering custom engineered turnkey solutions.

Services Include:
Turnkey engineering of boiler, auxiliary equipment and interconnecting piping and ducts
Piping integration with plant systems (P&ID) 
Electrical and instrumentation integration with plant control systems (P&ID)
Drafting, 3D modeling & installation planning 
Civil engineering design for boiler and auxiliary systems foundation and supports 
Operator training
Project & risk management, weekly status reporting 
Equipment procurement, fabrication & shop inspection 
Rental boiler selection & referral