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Many industries require dry saturated or superheated steam in their processes to serve various purposes. The Petrochemical industry may use steam to crack ethane into ethylene while the Pulp & Paper industry uses steam to soften raw wood chips into a usable form. Other industries use steam to generate power or provide heat to buildings. Regardless of what the steam is used for, it is always generated in a boiler. Halgo Power will custom design and engineer package boiler systems that can repeatedly and reliably generate steam for any application in any industry, conforming to all industry specific guidelines and regulations along the way.

Refining and Natural Gas

Halgo Power has extensive experience serving high profile customers in the Refining and Natural Gas industry.

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Halgo Power can supply a complete turn-key package boiler solution for any customer in the Petrochemical Industry.

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Pulp and Paper

Halgo Power has a strong history of designing and engineering reliable package boilers for the Pulp and Paper industry.

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Power Generation

Our team of engineers can design and provide a complete turn-key steam power generation system for any application.

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Hospitals and Universities

Halgo Power has a proven track record of successfully installing package water tube boilers for Hospitals and Universities.

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Industrial Institutions

Our firm has the capability to tailor a unique steam solution for each customer, regardless of their industry or application.

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