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Halgo Power offers a variety of services that can be solicited individually or as a complete package for a turn-key solution. The Halgo Power team is experienced and well versed in all required aspects of a boiler project including the beginning planning phase all the way through engineering, construction, and ongoing maintenance. Our business philosophy is to be a one-stop shop for the customer, acting as a single point of contact from project conception through completion.

Upgrades & Retrofits

Many boiler systems that are currently in operation were constructed decades ago using technology that is obsolete by modern standards.

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Inspection & Maintenance

Package boilers are very complex systems that incorporate a wide variety of mechanical and electrical equipment to function as designed.

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Troubleshooting & Repairs

The ability to design, procure and install new projects is important, but the necessity of promptly repairing existing equipment when it fails is also paramount.

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Halgo Power offers a multitude of construction services as part of our model to provide single source turnkey solutions.

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3D Modeling

Halgo Power offers 3D Modeling services with every project to better convey system design to the end customer and decrease engineering cycle time.

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Engineering capability is a core skill that distinguishes Halgo Power from the competition in the field of boiler system design.

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Consulting & Planning

Any project requires extensive consultation and planning to be successful.

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